The State of Hiring for Ohio Manufacturing

Ohio has long been a stronghold for manufacturing in the U.S. While other sectors struggle in the state, manufacturing is still showing signs of growth – but that’s not quite the whole story. According to research compiled by IndustrySelect, Ohio is currently home to over 15,000 manufacturing companies, employing nearly 900,000 people between them. The […]

The Role of Spouses in Relocation Offers

Recruiting candidates for roles that require relocation can be a complicated process – and it only gets more complex when families are involved. In fact, one of the most important factors in any relocation offer is the opinion and needs of the candidate’s spouse. Here’s what to keep in mind when making relocation offers to […]

Ghosting in the Workplace and How to Avoid It

Ghosting – it’s not just for dating anymore! Coined as a way to describe would-be romantic partners who simply stop communicating without warning, “ghosting” has officially made its way into the workplace. Much like its counterpart in the personal realm, ghosting in the professional world refers to what happens when one party – either the […]