Behind Our Name Lies a Philosophy

At Kaizen HR, we put a lot of thought into everything we do – even our name.

“Kaizen” is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” Our founder, Rose Dorta, was exposed to these concepts early in her career when she worked in the HR department of a manufacturing company. She saw how it worked at an operational level to improve productivity with an ongoing, methodical process where small changes can have big future impacts.

When she started Kaizen HR, Rose brought this philosophy along with her to share with the team. We looked at the key objectives of the Kaizen philosophy and thought about how they could be applied to executive search. To achieve these goals, we developed systems that included quality control, standardized work with measurable outcomes, and the use of efficient technology.

Even more importantly, we established the Kaizen principle of teamwork. Our focus on consistently building the right teams – and always improving our methods and our ability to work together – has allowed us to achieve excellence in our recruiting process. Plus, it has also given us an edge in building a world-class team right here within our own company.

The Kaizen approach has allowed us to achieve three major outcomes for our clients:

  • Elimination of Waste: We conduct fast, effective searches with economic efficiencies.
  • Great Housekeeping: With a workplace organization mindset and a culture of productivity, we’re always working to improve our processes from top to bottom. Non-value-added activities are minimized and the workflow becomes smoother. Our productivity and the quality of the products and services improves, while the morale and job satisfaction of our internal team improves at the same time.
  • Standardization: We develop a process that works to consistently achieve results for our clients and can then be improved upon.

The success of this approach is proven by our percentage of repeat clients and recommendations. Executive recruiting should always be about finding the best leaders and the best fit for each unique situation. By approaching every aspect of our work with our Kaizen philosophy, we’re always finding new ways to improve and to make the search process better for everyone involved!