Attracting Talent in Rural Areas


A client in the food manufacturing industry approached Kaizen HR with a complicated recruitment assignment. They had six locations, however, one of these locations was in an extremely rural area. History had proven to them that recruiting in this area was uniquely challenging and they sought out Kaizen HR to take on the challenge.

Search Strategy

Kaizen HR immediately began their search utilizing their large candidate base. They were able to recruit and relocate the Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Production Manager, and HR Manager to this rural area. An in-depth intake conversation to understand the site and leadership needs, the culture, and company forward strategy was completed. The sourcing strategy included generating a list of candidates from current/former direct competitors. The candidates presented were interested in being in a partnership relationship, one that would allow them to make an immediate impact to their business.


The organization was able to “clean house” and bring in a new, energized and forward-thinking team to help them scale appropriately.
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