Code of Silence


Kaizen was engaged to perform two confidential HR Leader searches for a manufacturer and a service provider. One client was a newly acquired organization with a limited HR function in place, while the other client was a turnaround organization with a current HR leader who was not a fit for the company.

Search Strategy

Kaizen HR performed confidential searches to ensure discretion on these sensitive searches. Within two weeks, Kaizen HR was able to present two candidates to the service provider and three to the manufacturer.


Both clients proceeded with their internal hiring processes, and both hired one of the candidates presented to them by Kaizen HR. At one client (the newly acquired organization), the new HR leader established the HR Department from ground up, including process, polices, benefits, new systems roll-outs, and tools to sustain strategic growth. At the other (the turnaround organization), the new HR leader re-established HR presence across all sites and established a business partner approach to the CEO. Kaizen HR now partners with these two HR Leaders to recruit key roles for their organizations.
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