Looking Ahead to HR’s Top Trends of 2024

At Kaizen HR, we are continually staying on top of HR trends to provide you with the latest insights to make the right decisions for your team. With 2024 on the horizon, it’s the ideal time to look ahead and understand some of the top trends likely to be affecting HR in the coming year. […]

Four Top Workforce Trends and What They Mean

At Kaizen HR, we always keep our finger on the pulse of top HR trends and shifts to give our clients the best and most timely advice possible. Saratoga, a workforce analytics and HR benchmarking product from PwC, recently released its “Top 4 Workforce Trends” based on its 2023 survey results. Let’s take a closer […]

Kaizen Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the diverse, talented, and hard-working professionals in the Hispanic community. It’s not only about celebration, however. It also provides an opportunity to consider the full picture for Hispanics in today’s workforce, and how we can all work to advocate for a more inclusive workplace. The Growing Hispanic […]

Honoring Disability Pride Month

Each July, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act being passed in 1990, Disability Pride Month celebrates people with disabilities, honors their contributions and achievements, spotlights their ongoing advocacy for justice and equity, and work to educate and remove stigma around the very idea of “disability.” According to the U.S. […]

Relocation for Work: A Recruiter’s Perspective

As one might imagine, relocation is a complicated topic for employees. While some job-seekers are willing to move for the right role – or are even excited about the possibility of moving to a new area – many others are not entirely convinced. In today’s marketplace, a well-thought-out relocation assistance policy could make a big […]

What Candidates Are Asking About Sustainability in Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing sector has faced many challenges, from supply chain constraints to shifts in buying habits to a tight labor market. Among consumers and job candidates, one increasingly significant factor is a commitment to sustainability and future planning. This aspect is also where companies can set themselves apart in a vast manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is […]

Priorities for Women in Today’s Workplace

As workplace priorities have shifted over the past few years, women have found themselves with new opportunities to celebrate and new challenges to manage. Just like any employee, women are looking for core elements such as career development, work-life balance, and a sense of belonging. To better understand how to attract and retain high-performing women, […]

Hiring Trends in the Plastics Industry

Plastics manufacturing remains a crucial component of the global economy, with a worldwide reliance on plastic products that doesn’t appear likely to vanish anytime soon. With economic and environmental pressures changing, however, plastics companies may be looking into different areas of focus when it comes to hiring. Plastics manufacturing continues to grow, albeit at a […]

Hiring Trends in the Packaging Industry

Packaging is one of the industries that we all interact with to some extent, as it reaches into nearly every other niche in one way or another. Like many other manufacturing sectors, packaging has faced challenges in the past few years, and today’s hiring trends are largely about charting a new path forward that will […]

Hiring Trends in the Food Industry

Since COVID-related industry shortages, the food manufacturing industry has been consistently rebounding over the last year or two. In January 2023, the sector made a modest gain of 6,900 additional jobs, bringing the total employment up to 1.726 million workers (seasonally adjusted). For comparison, employment (also seasonally adjusted) a year ago was 1.668 million, indicating […]