The State of Hiring for Massachusetts Manufacturing

Manufacturing remains a significant part of the Massachusetts economy, though not its largest sector. However, the industry is still facing a number of challenges in the state, from lower workforce participation rates to ongoing demographic concerns. As recently as 2021, the manufacturing industry in Massachusetts accounts for 9.72% of the total gross output in the […]

The State of Hiring for Indiana Manufacturing

As it has been for some time, manufacturing is one of the pillars of the Indiana economy. In fact, as of December 2022, it is the second-largest sector in the state, behind only trade, transportation, and utilities. Despite its importance, however, manufacturing is not immune to the trends of the overall labor market. In 2021, […]

When Should You Hire a Recruiting Firm?

If you’re recruiting to fill a key role, you may wonder whether to hire a recruiting firm or handle the search in-house. In many cases, partnering with expert recruiters can save money, accelerate timelines, and achieve better results – and there’s a good reason why.   A Recruiter Can Save Time and Reduce Costs It’s […]

Building Your HR Team in 2023

Building Your HR Team in 2023

Having an exceptional HR team can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your organization and making it a place where people love to work. As the new year begins, consider upgrading your HR recruitment strategy to build out a team that can make a major impact and improve results across the board. […]

2023 Hiring and Workplace Trends

2023 is just around the corner – so what workplace trends should we be prepared for? Indeed and Glassdoor have just released their annual Hiring and Workplace Trends Report, featuring smart insights on the future of work. This year’s report focuses on how a handful of recent shifts are likely to continue evolving, transforming how […]

HR Focus for 2023: Prioritizing Employee Retention Over Talent Acquisition

Every year, HR priorities shift along with trends in the workplace, and 2023 is sure to be more of the same. A recent report from Lattice reveals a key focus for the majority of HR professionals in the coming year: prioritizing employee retention over talent acquisition. Lattice’s 2023 State of People Strategy Report surveyed over […]

The State of Hiring for Illinois Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, Illinois is looking strong. The continued strength of that sector, however, is in contrast with the challenges faced within the state’s workforce as a whole. Manufacturing plays a key role in the Illinois economy. According to a 2022 economic impact study by the University of South Carolina for the Illinois […]

The State of Hiring for Ohio Manufacturing

Ohio has long been a stronghold for manufacturing in the U.S. While other sectors struggle in the state, manufacturing is still showing signs of growth – but that’s not quite the whole story. According to research compiled by IndustrySelect, Ohio is currently home to over 15,000 manufacturing companies, employing nearly 900,000 people between them. The […]

HR and Quiet Quitting Is a Double-Edged Sword

Quiet quitting. What began as a viral video has become one of the most talked about (and written about) topics this year. Is it a valid phenomenon, or is it nothing more than catchy clickbait? To a certain degree, the answer to that question does not matter. Rather than debating the significance of the symptoms, […]

The State of American Manufacturing

October 7 marks National Manufacturing Day in the U.S. Here at Kaizen HR, we work with manufacturers across the country to recruit leaders in multiple areas, so we often get an inside look at the state of the sector and where it’s headed in the months and years to come. Like other sectors, manufacturing is […]