Spotlighting 3 Companies with a Blueprint for Gender Diversity Success

At Kaizen HR, we’re always committed to working with our clients to achieve their goals for diverse hiring and building inclusive cultures. This can be a challenge in the manufacturing world, where the share of women employed is significantly lower than women’s presence in the workforce as a whole, due to a number of historical and present-day factors.

This Women’s History Month, we’re taking a moment to spotlight a few notable companies that offer a blueprint for advancing women’s careers, hiring more diversely, and supporting gender inclusivity – and reaping all the benefits these can bring.


Estée Lauder Companies

In 2023, Forbes ranked Estée Lauder Companies as the No. 2 company globally and the top US-based company for women. Its placement isn’t just because of its history or products. 59% of leadership roles at the VP level or higher are held by women, and half of the company’s global regions are led by women. The company also emphasizes women in STEM: its six R&D innovation centers all have women at the helm, and women comprise more than 60% of its scientists, engineers, and technical professionals.

ELC also wins thanks to its focus on early career as well as career advancement. For nearly 20 years, the company has partnered with Student Leadership Network and the Young Women’s Leadership Schools. These organizations provide support for girls and gender-diverse youth by offering them career, leadership, and mental health resources. These investments build a pipeline for success, encouraging gender diversity in a wider range of professions and letting young people know that anything truly is possible.


SC Johnson

For over 30 years in a row, SC Johnson was named to Working Mother’s list of 100 Best Companies, thanks to a decades-long commitment to making a workplace inclusive for women. Working mothers find an array of support benefits at the company, from “basics” like parental leave to affordable childcare, flexible scheduling, and even pandemic-era assistance on things like tutoring, elder care planning, and other “home” stressors that tend to disproportionately fall on the shoulders of women.

These kinds of benefits, along with career advancement, training, and mentorship, can make a big difference for manufacturing companies looking to expand their gender diversity. Research has shown that these elements can be make-or-break for women in manufacturing, but companies that put in the effort can be rewarded with an influx of new talent.



Clorox ranked fourth globally on Forbes’s 2023 list of the best companies for women, thanks to a robust commitment to DEI, to advancing women in leadership, and to an ongoing push for improvement. According to the company, 50% of its board of directors are women, and 25% are people of color, both higher than the Fortune 500 average. 46% of the Executive Committee is also comprised of women, as are 58% of nonproduction employees and 49% of nonproduction managers globally. Additionally, Clorox reports that, for fiscal year 2023, they achieved gender pay equity for nonproduction employees globally.

It’s a good example of the different levels where gender equity can be addressed. Hiring strategies that focus on bringing in fresh-faced talent are great, but they’re ultimately weak if they’re not accompanied by paths to advancement; similarly, advancing women is important, but not if the pipeline behind them is neglected. Manufacturing companies looking to improve gender diversity must have policies, benefits, and culture in place to ensure that gender-diverse employees – who, historically, may not have seen a place for themselves in the broader manufacturing world – can envision a positive future.

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By Rose Dorta

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