Supporting Well-Being at Work: World Mental Health Day 2023

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, marking an ideal opportunity to consider what your organization is doing to support employees’ mental well-being and where you could make further changes to improve health, satisfaction, and your bottom line. There’s plenty of research to demonstrate the connection between well-being and the workplace environment. 39% of employees, […]

Hiring New Grads in an Era of Change

The Class of 2023 is officially headed into the workforce! As with every year’s graduating class, the entry of this enthusiastic group of young professionals necessitates further evaluation of their preferences. How can your team effectively attract – and leverage the skills of – this bright new class of graduates? Balance Boundaries and Responsibility One […]

Building an Inclusive Workplace for AAPI Professionals

This May, the U.S. honors AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) Heritage Month. This month offers a timely opportunity to have much-needed discussions about the AAPI experience in the workforce. If we truly want to recognize and support our AAPI colleages, we must understand the challenges that members of this group face and how our organizations can […]

What Candidates Are Asking About Sustainability in Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing sector has faced many challenges, from supply chain constraints to shifts in buying habits to a tight labor market. Among consumers and job candidates, one increasingly significant factor is a commitment to sustainability and future planning. This aspect is also where companies can set themselves apart in a vast manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is […]

Priorities for Women in Today’s Workplace

As workplace priorities have shifted over the past few years, women have found themselves with new opportunities to celebrate and new challenges to manage. Just like any employee, women are looking for core elements such as career development, work-life balance, and a sense of belonging. To better understand how to attract and retain high-performing women, […]

Five Ways to Make Hybrid Scheduling Work for Your Team

Hybrid work is definitely here to stay. The part-time remote work situation has exploded in popularity thanks to the unique needs of the past few years, and employees are not particularly interested in giving up this flexibility anytime soon. To better understand what the future of hybrid work will (and should) look like, the experts […]

The State of American Manufacturing

October 7 marks National Manufacturing Day in the U.S. Here at Kaizen HR, we work with manufacturers across the country to recruit leaders in multiple areas, so we often get an inside look at the state of the sector and where it’s headed in the months and years to come. Like other sectors, manufacturing is […]

How the Right HR Leadership Can Pave the Way for Positive Change

Change is a necessary part of life for every company, but figuring out just how to achieve necessary and positive change can be a major challenge. The secret that the top companies know? The route to lasting change is a slow and steady marathon, not a sudden sprint.   The Perils of Top-Down Change For […]